“Not this time”

Well it is a good thing I made mint chocolate chip ice-cream over the weekend, because I got word today from the Red Bull Music Academy and the news, though not entirely unexpected, was not what I hoped for. As they put it in paragraph two:

We regret to inform you that you have not been selected to take part in the Red Bull Music Academy this year. With so many talented artists applying, it’s extremely difficult to narrow it down to 60 participants balancing varied styles, methodologies and cultures. We wish we could invite every artist whose work we believe in, but that’s impossible.

As it turns out, a stunning 4000 people from 92 countries applied, which makes sense given this year’s academy location: the fabulous, musical megalopolis known as NYC. (You can get a sense of the diversity of applicants in their 2012 application update). When they pushed the notification deadline back a whole month, I knew getting into one of those 60 slots was going to be ten times harder than I initially thought. But there is no hard feelings and no sadness — just more motivation to get my ish together for the coming selection cycle.

I am really grateful to the RMBA folks for listening to all the entries and combing through all the applications. I also wish the folks who were selected the very best and am looking forward to seeing their profiles on the RBMA site. I know from personal experience having grown up in Manhattan that everyone will have an uh-may-zing time! Hopefully, I’ll get my chance to shine in the future…

In the meantime, here’s a (mostly) appropriate word from the fine folks of Shalamar. Now pass the ice-cream.

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